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Recently two schools saw youths from outside the school enter school grounds and harass and attack students and teachers within days of each other.

Three young teenage boys were also threatened and robbed by older youths near Granville in Sydney last week.

The three teenagers, aged between 12 and 14 were walking to Granville Station to catch the train home when they were stopped by a gang of approx 10 youths aged around 16 – 18 years. These youth had knives and demanded money and mobile phones from the boys and then set about emptying their bags everywhere. Once they had taken what they wanted they claimed they were going to pull guns on the boys if they didn’t run. The boys ran to Granville station and contacted their parents and the police. They were interviewed for about an hour, taken back to the scene and then sent home. One of the boys was so traumatized by the event, he hasn’t return to school. The police did not offer any counselling or follow up to the boys. One of the boys said this is the third time this has happened to him and he can’t be bothered calling the police any more because “they don’t do anything anyway.” The police also stated they knew who the alleged attackers were.

Children are feeling terrified to walk to and from school, they do not see the police as any help or deterrent to these gangs and have lost faith in the system. Teachers at a school close by offered to drive children to the nearest railway station, to see they got there safely but were also worried about insurance issues and felt torn between leaving the students to walk or not.

The number of gangs in Australia is increasing, particularly in western Sydney. 

Threats of jail is not a deterrent to the gang members, it is actually welcomed by them and is seen as social networking.

The School Angels are regional groups designed to help better support schools with resources sharing, aid, management, counselling and anti-violence and tolerance programs. The School Angels is about parents, teachers and schools helping each other. Anti-violence needs to be taught at school, as does tolerance education. A concert is being organised to help raise money for anti-violence and tolerance programs called “In My Shoes”.

This website is under construction and is where schools, organisations and parents can get more information and register Angel Groups in regions to make contact with each other and help each other. We also will be calling on a forum with the State Police Minister and Education Minister and other stakeholders to discuss the best way of tackling these issues.

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Jonelle Mckenzie
Jun 2, 2008 2:53am [ 1 ]

Can someone please call me in relation to a radio interview please - to assist and promote this site.

0413 673 775

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