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Let Us Talk to Your School or Organisation


If you would like a School Angel or founder Andrew Stopps to talk at your school or organisation, please contact us  enquiries @  schoolangels.com.au


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May 10, 2008 2:33am [ 1 ]

Do you agree that boyfriend/girlfriend breakups gone bad are a type of bullying when it gets to an extreme of one of the persons literally being threatend or harassed because she wants to move on and he wont accept it. Calling out names in the school halls, starting rumours, threatning and instigating to the point where she needs to sign herself out of school at least twice a week just to get away from the stress. She also doesn't feel like the school helps enough. Especially when they start to look for reasons why things might be her fault for having a locker near his class, or laughing with her friends, etc, etc,

May 30, 2008 1:20am [ 2 ]

I believe for sure what you describe is bullying! What you describe about schools is so true. It seems it is easier for them to sweep bullying under the carpet (so to speak) by blaming the victim as well. My son has endured this crap for 5 years now and it all started because of the colour of his hair. In this time he has been "king hit" and had his nose broken, a metal chair was cracked over his head in the classroom and he was even put into a "sleeper hold" where he lost consciousness. We reported the assaults to the police but they made it quite clear that they would NOT press charges. At the moment, he is experiencing a crowd of kids (some wanting a fight, the others wanting to watch) waiting for him at his bus stop in the afternoon. I would say because I am there, no one has physically touched him but he gets obsenities yelled at him even by girls which causes immense embarassment - to hear what is coming out of their mouths!!! Some days, he doesn't want to come home and asks if he can stay at a friends place for the night. As his mother, I am a nervous wreck! I get heart palpatations when I get phone calls from the school, worried sick that someone has hurt him. I don't know what the answer is... even when he leaves school, I do not think that it will be over. We will most likely have to sell up and move to another area.

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